Design sprint for Apmar

The challenge

APMAR ONLUS, National Association of People with Rheumatological and Rare Diseases, was founded to protect rheumatic patients. Its mission is to improve the quality of care to improve the quality of life.

The request was to create a new tool that would support and guide each individual, improving awareness of one’s own illness.

The approach

Apmar in collaboration with Opendot created a series of workshops where patients and designers were called to gather information on how to improve awareness of one’s own illness.


After months of research by interviewing patients with a different background, we were able to identify four main categories to work on based on their personal experience dealing with a rare disease.

These categories are:


How can we guide a person that just received a diagnosis of a rare chronic disease?


How can we deliver a support system within the community?

Self care

What type of tools are needed?

Free time

Where can people enjoy their free time?


Bari Italy

Alessio discovered that he had scleroderma at the age of 25 after chasing different doctors and different diagnoses. Through his story and experiences, we had an insight into the weaknesses and strengths of a typical journey towards treatment.

By interviewing patients with a different background we were able to identify the critical points to work on.


As part of the orientation group, we decided to work on three main features of the app.

  • How to avoid misleading information about my diagnosis?
  • How can we better communicate with others about our diseases?
  • What can I do and where should I go to receive treatment?
months research
collaboration between patients and Apmar association
hours workshop
at Luiss Hub in the center of Milan
App layout and content


Milan Luiss Hub


Each group worked on designing and prototyping a part of the app using templates and color schemes provided by Opendot. On-site there was a rheumatologist and a therapist helping each group.

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