UK market trader’s future work

Fruit & Vegetables


We started to research the different types of markets present in London. You can click on the link icon and see the full list.

We interviewed market traders from different markets and were able to have a clear picture of their typical day of work.


By analyzing our insights we realized that market traders entirely rely on the wholesalers and that the products bought were not in line with the customer’s needs.

Wholesalers influence the final price of the product
The products are the same as the ones you can find at the supermarket
The products are not labeled and the origin is often blurry

“Supermarkets are buying wholesalers so we will be selling the exact same things but they will have it on a lower price.”

Josh, 41, stall in Portobello Road

I would buy more if they offered fresh and organic products like the farmer’s market.

Thomas, 40,  Church street market

I  buy my vegetables at the Tesco. At least I know where they come from and when they expire. I used to go to this market but they would scam me all the time and tell me that everything was fresh. How can I believe that?

Linda, 60, lives near Church Street Market

How might we provide market traders the tools to gain trust and meet growing customer demands?


Sara monacchi

+ local and fresh products

+ they know their product’s history

– no resources and knowledge of selling

improving communication

through FARMA association 

Sara monacchi

+ licences to sell

+ van and council resources

– no access to local and fresh products

Blueprint of our service

Sara Monacchi Royal college of art
4 weeks - Term 1 - MA year 1
Royal College of Art
Group work
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