How can we preserve the unique memory of our ancestors, without using a tomb?

We won second place fo te product design category. We had tha chance to fly to Dusseldorf and present our project at the Drupa Festival 2017.
This project was a concept for Drupa festival contest which brief was “imagine a future packaging for the year 2050”. An urn is an ancient container which has been almost unchanged throughout the centuries, and it does not represent the singularity of each defunct. People ashes are unique and differ from one another, depending on how, and where that person lived. Ki is able to detect the percentage of chemical elements that are present in a cube of synthesized ashes. Foreseeing that in the future holograms will be visible to the naked eye, screened through common lenses, the urn converts the data in holograms of different colors and shapes combined with a musical background representing the defunct.